Publications & Projects

Outlined are a list of publications and projects that the HARC members were involved in and
which are relevant to healthy ageing in rural communities.


HARC (2010). Older people in rural communities: Exploring attachment, contribution and diversity in rural Ireland and Northern Ireland. Healthy Ageing in Rural Communities (HARC) Research Network. Download report here.

HARC (2010). Is rural Ireland a good place in which to grow old? First Trust Bank Economic Outlook and Business Review 25.4, 39-42. Download article here.
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for Assistive Technology: AAATE 2007. The 9th European Conference for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe. Assistive Technology Research Series, Volume 20, IOS Press


Social Exclusion and Ageing in Diverse Rural Communities – SEADRC (HARC network)
This study aims to develop a framework that will improve understanding of social exclusion among rural older people. By exploring the role of rurality, defined in terms of a locality and social representation, in the construction of social exclusion among ageing adults in Ireland and Northern Ireland the study will assess the implications of such exclusion for health and well-being across diverse rural communities. For further information, please see Activities & Research.

Older People in Rural Communities: Exploring Attachment, Contribution, and Diversity in Rural Ireland and Northern Ireland (HARC network)
The aim of the study was to conduct a baseline analysis of the experiences of older people living in Letterfrack (Connemara, County Galway), the Ards Peninsula (County Down), and Blacklion and Belcoo (Cavan-Fermanagh cross border area), and to explore the role of the community groups that both represent and serve older people in these communities. The groups included FORUM, a community development organisation in Letterfrack, a range of community and craft groups in the Ards Peninsula and the Blacklion/Belcoo Active Age Group. For further information, and to download the report, please see Activities & Research.

HSE: Volunteerism and the Care of Older People in Ireland (Kieran Walsh & Eamon O’Shea)
This research examined the current policy and practice issues in the voluntary care of older people, in terms of scope, role and problems, and explored the implications of the existing statutory/voluntary relationship in the age sector. A report was drafted for the HSE Voluntary Care of Older People Committee and a peer-reviewed journal article was published by the Administration journal.

Role of Equity, Diveristy and Interdependence in Rural Development (Michael Murray)
This project was funded by Rural Community Network, with support from the International Fund for Ireland . It examined the contribution of authentic dialogue within agencies and among stakeholder groups, including older people, that are seeking to deal with conflict, racism and social separation.

Participatory rural planning (Michael Murray)
This project was carried out under the auspices of the Strategic Planning Action Network and was funded by the EU Interreg 111B programme. It concerned itself with facilitating citizen participation in planning and development processes within rural areas and created a method of engagement that has wider application.

Services in Rural Northern Ireland (Michael Murray)
This project was funded by the Rural Development Council and included a comparative analysis of services provision and policy in England and Scotland. Detailed case studies included access to rural transport, ATM provision and waste recycling facilities in rural Northern Ireland.

Third Age Foundation: An Assessment of Role & Potential (Kieran Walsh & Eamon O’Shea)
This study assessed the role and contribution of the Third Age Foundation in Summerhill Co. Meath. The report was published by the Third Age Foundation and a peer-reviewed article has been accepted for publication by the journal Health and Place.

What roles for rural areas in tomorrow’s Europe?(Michael Murray)
This project was led by North-South Rural Voice with part financing by the EU, the UK and Irish Governments. It comprised an analysis of the processes and outputs of the first Republic of Ireland – Northern Ireland cross border Citizen’s Panel. The project concluded with a plenary meeting of a transnational European Citizens Panel that reported in Brussels to representatives of the European Commission, The European Parliament and the Committee of the Regions.