Ms. Martina Gavin

Ms. Martina Gavin
Social Care Supervisor
FORUM Rural and Community Development Organisation

Martina Gavin is the Supervisor of a Fás Social Care Community Employment Scheme (CE) with FORUM.

The overall aim of FORUM’s work with older people is to tackle problems of loneliness and isolation by providing opportunities for social contacts, networking and to provide a flexible range of services and to meet the special needs of the target group through the provision of volunteer and professional expertise, in delivering a social care programme, in the context of partnership between voluntary and statutory bodies.

Martina Gavin has responsibility for the delivery of a comprehensive Social Care Programme which includes Meals on Wheels, Laundry Services, Carer Companion Service, Lunch Clubs and Coffee Morning, Transport, Respite Breaks, Security, Disability Support, Provision of Information on Essential Services and Carer Support.Twenty four CE and JI workers are engaged in the delivery of this programme which benefits at least three hundred and ninety older people.