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So you are in agony and you need a solution fast. You’ve just had that deliecious, succulent burger with hot sauce, or maybe that elegant spaghetti bolognese. What about that pepperoni pizza or that dreaded fizzy drink? Maybe you’ve had something else altogether. But that end result is the same. You are in agony and you need heartburn help.

Heartburn is uncomfortable (as if you didn’t kow that already) and it really does ruin your day. It ruins your mood, you feel terrible and to top it off, you don’t even get to enjoy your favorite meal.. all because of heartburn!

There are many forms of heartburn help. It’s really a matter of choice. Whatevwer suits you best. However, bear in mind that some forms of heartburn help are more effective than others though they tpically require significantly more dedication and discipline that others.

So we will take a lot at the first form of heartburn help.

For most moderate sufferers, natural dietary heartburn help will eliminate most suffering. Some sufferers (myself included) may experience complete relief for extended periods of time. I can honestly say months have gone by without so much as feeling any discomfort just because I changed my diet and ate well.

Here is a brief list of what you can eat.

1. Tropical Fruits – Papaya, Pineapple e.t.c. These tend to have natural enzymes which help with digestion and typically, a cooling sensation is experienced in the stomach after eating the fruits!

2. Avoid acidic food – Avoiding foods like tomatos, citrus fruits and irritants like dried fruits can magically transform you. this form of heartburn help is incredibly effective but difficult to stick to. For some people, tomatoes are a staple in their diet so this may prove difficult.

Natural remedies heartburn help;

For some people, changing their diets may not be an option for whatever reason. Another form of heartburn help is needed! There are some natural heartburn remedies that can really help alleviate symptoms.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar – You can get this in organic form and it works wonders. I have tried this myself and while the vinegar doesnt taste great, my heartburn goes away within minutes.

2. Lemon Juice – A glass of lemon juice in the morning really does help. This is a great form of heartburn help that is quick, easy and cheap! This should be within reach of just about anyboody.

Pharmaceutical Heartburn Help

1. PPI – Proton pump inhibitors are a quick form on hertburn help and they work really fast. Here’s the thing. When you resort to a proton pump, it means you aare doing something wrong. They shouldn’t be a passport to eating bad. See them more as a crutch or a band-aid to temporarily help you while the problem (your diet) is being fixed. NEVER ever depend on these. They do more harm than good in the long run. Only see them as a short term solution and seek to tackle the underlying causes (your diet).

There’s a natural cure you could be using right now to get rid of the fire in your chest for good – and eat without fear.

2. Antacids – Over-the-counter antacids must be treated in the same regard as PPIs. they are a temporary form of heartburn help and should be treated as such. Heartburn is feedback from the body; what you are eating doesn’t bode well with your digestive system! Therefore it must be changed. So while antacids work, they aren’t fixing the underlying issue. Baking soda is a good natural antacid to use!