Health Regime Laws Of Nature For Healthy Living September 25, 2019 February 9, 2020 admin

Health Regimes should not restricted by your age, neither should be getting fit nor losing weight as these things are only a state of mind. The problem is that most people don’t work hard enough at it or not at all, most people see it a pain and therefore not see the pleasure of it. This known as the middle age spread, this is where the mind tells the body that it is getting old and that it should conform to laws of nature, however , I will be discussing this issue in my next article so I won’t dwell on that here prix viagra.

Most people prefer to go along with the myths that after you reach 40 years you tend to gain weight and find it harder to keep it off and most of the don’t even try because they have been defeated already, so most don’t even consider whether the myth is true or not by attempting to see for themselves if it relates to them. The reality is that most people want other people to think for them so they won’t have to bother, e.g. how many times have you bought something because it was advertised.

The Facts

When you reach 30 years and beyond your body needs fewer calories in order to feed or support your body’s system, although we still need the same health benefits, this is because your body’s metabolism rate has shown down. It has been said that for every 5 years over 30 you will need about 50 calories less per day. This is what they are trying to say, ‘that you need less calories as you get older and that if you eat the same amount of calories after you are 30 as you did when you were in your 20s you will put it on the excess as fat, source: cialis 20mg prix. To put it another way, if you don’t or can’t cut the amount of calories you intake or at the very least find someway to burn it off your body will store it up as FAT. This is despite that some experts believe that to be a little over weight in your middle ages is healthier for you than when you are in your younger age. They believe that you could be up to a stone heavier by the time you reach 50 years, but that any more than that will lead to serious problem or even multiple problems such as heart disease, arthritis and diabetes to name but a few.

As stated in one of my blogs most people and most experts agree that the best way to stay slim is by exercising, the simple truth about exercise is this, the more you do your exercises the more energy your body will burn and the less energy you have from the food you eat. This energy is what your body convert into fat, this is not widely known to the general public or even in most of the health and fitness world, as it has not been explained to them, but that is the simplest way to look at food as it relates to your body and your health regime.