Has anyone tried and had success with neural therapy treatment for hypothyroidism? June 7, 2019 June 11, 2019 admin

Ive recently had my dental amalgams removed and completed chelation for heavy metal toxicity (mercury, lead and aluminum), but Im still showing signs of hypothyroidism (TSH 2.47, T3 4.0, T4 13.0)

Thanks, SkepDoc, for your, well, skepticism, but Im looking for feedback from someone who actually has had experience with neural therapy. Im very well informed about my options in allopathic medicine having been to see different GPs and endocrinologists, not to mention Im a healthcare practitioner myself. The only thing offered to me was a prescription for synthyroid and support for my decision to chelate. Before starting Nature-Throid, my TSH was 8.89. On 2 grains my current TSH reading is a near optimal level (ideal being 1.5), though my T3 is still quite low and my T4 hasnt ever changed despite my dosage indicating that Im not converting to T3 very well. So back to my question, anyone out there whos had a successful experience with Neural therapy for hypothyroidism?

Maybe its time to start a real treatment.instead of wasting your time on quackery? Ive never heard of “neural therapy”, and since I havent that likely means it is yet another quack treatment.its hard to keep up with all the nonsense thats out there.

Your blood tests are actually not confirming hypothyroidism, but are quite normal.

Please see a real doctor and get some proper treatment of whatever symptoms you think you are having.

EDIT: Ok, I looked up Neural Therapy, and I have heard of it under different names such as prolotherapy. It involves injecting things like saline or “homeopathic” solutions into key trigger points. It has been used in Germany for a long time

Germans are notoriously into quack treatments, by the way.and there is no evidence it is useful for any condition.