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Many desperate people turn to crash diets hoping they would lose the most weight in such a short time. Maybe they have had past experience successfully lose weight with this type of plan, or they have read about the new diet that has followed several celebrities to lose weight fast. So what’s wrong with this diets? Is there a reason why they have such a bad reputation?


learn first before doing this diet.

The most obvious the problem with crash diets is usually that the weight loss is almost always temporary. If you suddenly switch to a limited diet, your body will respond by saving a little water. You will lose weight and less bloating, namely thin. But unfortunately you will never lose the fat at all. When you end this diet will be right back on your weight.

You may lose some fat as well, depending on the diet and how long you follow it. In this case the body will often hungry during the diet. It thinks famine has hit, and had to slow metabolic process and store fat as you possibly can to protect against hard times ahead. Whenever you grow your food consumption and undertake it with healthy way. This can maintain starvation metabolism and cause your body to get all of the weight back.

Can you add to the psychological effect of violating this diets? Did this happen at the end of the diet plan or outside was desperate? Due it tends to involve overeating. In fact, people who follow this diets, many of them find heavier than before the diet in a month later.

There are some significant health problems with a crash diets. First, the diet focuses on losing weight quickly is usually very tight in the type of food you can eat. In this diet will reduce almost all food groups in your diet. It’s not something you can do in the long term without suffering shortages. It isn’t perfect for the entire body at any given time either.

On the crash diets that you will not get the nutrients your body needs. It’s true that you possibly can take some supplements. But it relies on substances in the diet as a whole to make them work more effectively. Malnutrition causes cravings, making it difficult to stay on the diet and more likely that you’ll be out in a party. At the same time, you will probably get more than a few of the healthy nutrients.


The crash diets only can be a temporary solution. One example is, if you must be losing a little your weight for just another dressing up to some event. And you do not mind if you get back your body weight afterwards.

Healthy selections for your plan are change that will permit someone to lose weight slowly on a healthy weight loss plan. So it doesn’t leave any foods completely. But it allows you to combine the occasional treat. In the long run, people who follow a crash diets tend to gain weight, not vice versa.