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Female Infertility Treatment and the two types of drugs

Increasing choice of treatments for female infertility treatment as compared to last time and new drugs are increasing available to treat female infertility. Two of these drugs, known as the hormone therapy and artificial insemination, have greatly contributed to the improved chance of conceiving. The drugs act to deceive the body of the female to produce more eggs. They go hand in hand with Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and In vitro fertilization, which is the most commonly, used treatment.

A glance at Female Infertility Treatment

The procedure in which the fluid is removed from the sperm that was contained in it is known as the Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). After which, the sperm is carefully placed into the uterus by a plastic catheter and you will normally feel no pain. Coupled with the treatment is the use of fertility drugs. The use of the drugs will aid in the body producing healthy and strong eggs contributing to the possibility of getting conceived. Timing is very important as the IUI procedure need to coincide with the occurrence of the ovulation. This form of female infertility treatment is usually very effective in getting a good result for couple who can’t conceive. Another form of female infertility treatment, the in vitro fertilization eases the result in egg and sperm coming together for fertilization. It is not like normal pregnancy as it does not imitate the conception stage form the time a male impregnate the female. The process is skipped as the female infertility treatment is done in a jar at a laboratory.

The whole process of this female infertility treatment requires the removal of mature eggs and then the sperm is added in a tube. The embryo once fertilized is immediately put into the uterus so that the female can go through pregnancy. This form of female infertility treatment is one of the most common for those who can’t conceive naturally.

Physician prescription for Female Infertility Treatment

Having decided to select one of the two female infertility treatments, a physician assistance will greatly enhanced it. They will help you to go through right from the beginning the correct steps to follow in order to achieve the desired result. Your objective is to follow order to achieve the right outcome. The two female infertility treatments are becoming common and very good at getting women to conceive. Female infertility treatment is the best option for those who can’t conceive.

Has anyone tried and had success with neural therapy treatment for hypothyroidism?

Ive recently had my dental amalgams removed and completed chelation for heavy metal toxicity (mercury, lead and aluminum), but Im still showing signs of hypothyroidism (TSH 2.47, T3 4.0, T4 13.0)

Thanks, SkepDoc, for your, well, skepticism, but Im looking for feedback from someone who actually has had experience with neural therapy. Im very well informed about my options in allopathic medicine having been to see different GPs and endocrinologists, not to mention Im a healthcare practitioner myself. The only thing offered to me was a prescription for synthyroid and support for my decision to chelate. Before starting Nature-Throid, my TSH was 8.89. On 2 grains my current TSH reading is a near optimal level (ideal being 1.5), though my T3 is still quite low and my T4 hasnt ever changed despite my dosage indicating that Im not converting to T3 very well. So back to my question, anyone out there whos had a successful experience with Neural therapy for hypothyroidism?

Maybe its time to start a real treatment.instead of wasting your time on quackery? Ive never heard of “neural therapy”, and since I havent that likely means it is yet another quack treatment.its hard to keep up with all the nonsense thats out there.

Your blood tests are actually not confirming hypothyroidism, but are quite normal.

Please see a real doctor and get some proper treatment of whatever symptoms you think you are having.

EDIT: Ok, I looked up Neural Therapy, and I have heard of it under different names such as prolotherapy. It involves injecting things like saline or “homeopathic” solutions into key trigger points. It has been used in Germany for a long time

Germans are notoriously into quack treatments, by the way.and there is no evidence it is useful for any condition.

Methadone Ineffectiveness for Drug Treatment Therapy

Short History of Methadone Drug Treatment

The drug Methadone was developed in Germany in 1937 and introduced in the US in 1947. German scientists created the substance because there was a shortage of opium in Germany.  They synthesized this new drug to create a cheaper, more efficient alternative to opium.  It was discovered by American scientists in 1941 to be potentially helpful in treating narcotic addictions, especially to opiods.  At the time of its introduction into the US, as a form of drug treatment, it was most commonly known as Dolaphine.  It quickly became one of the more frequent methods used for treating opioid addictions in the US and still remains that way today.

Methadone Effects on the Body

In earlier days, Methadone was considered to be a Godsend to Americans suffering from drug addiction.  Now, more recent studies show that it is in many cases just as harmful and addictive as the substances it is used to treat against.

Since Methadone was originally synthesized as an alternative to opium, it acts the same way as other opioids by binding to the µ-opiod receptors in the brain.  Needless to say, the process is much more involved and scientific than this, but in the end it has the all the same effects as other opioids, withdrawals included.

Ineffectiveness of Methadone Drug Addiction Treatment

Given the addictive nature of Methadone, it is an ineffective for drug treatment.  Essentially, what you do when you undergo a Methadone drug treatment is replace one addiction for another, so basically you just spend thousands of dollars on making no progress.

Also, Methadone has a slower metabolic rate than normal opiods so it stays in your system longer, making potentially more harmful to the body.

Why bother going through this process and spending useless dollars on something that isn’t going to work?

Ibogaine Treatment Superior to Methadone Treatment

Ibogaine is a drug that does all the things a Methadone Treatment is supposed to do.  It can help you beat your addiction and prevent the withdrawal effects afterwards.  Furthermore, it isn’t an opioid or an addictive substance.  You won’t be replacing your addiction just to pick up another.

Ibogaine has over a 70% success rate in treating narcotics addictions.  You’ll be hard pressed to find another form of substance abuse treatment that works this well.

Various Male Infertility Treatment choices

Many types of male infertility treatment choices can be found nowadays. Choosing the kind of treatment will depend on what male infertility problem you are encountering. There are three determining factors before you and your physician decide on the kind of treatment required.

Initially, you will have to have your male infertility examined to determine the cause of your infertility. The cause for infertility is best to be identified and not some unknown reason. After which, it is to determine how bad the sperm deficiency is. Having determined the first two causes, the age of your female partner that you are trying to conceive is essential. Having gone through all these, the right male infertility treatment will be applied.

Different kind of Male Infertility Treatment choices

Much different kind of male infertility treatment choices can be found and we will touch on a few of those. The first type of male infertility treatment is what is known as Varicocele. With this type of infertility problem, surgical procedure is required to enable the dilated veins that are found on the testes to be tied. After the procedure, there is a forty percent chance of getting pregnant within nine months. Having gone through the surgical procedure and the sperm count is still low, some form of assistance is necessary.

If the diagnosis is low sperm count and your physician is not able to determine the real cause, then a form of male infertility treatment known as Clomiphene citrate is carried out. It is a form of infertility pill that assist in stimulation of the sperm in male by producing more. The pill can be used in women to assist them to ovulate. With the pill, the sperm count should be better by six months but it will have to be re-examined every three months. Intrauterine insemination or IUI is the better known male infertility treatment. With this type of male infertility treatment, it is a very delicate procedure because it will require the sperm to be injected into the egg. Since it is injected into the egg, the sperm need not be too mobile as it will not have to travel through the vagina and cervix to the egg.

This kind of male infertility treatment will greatly hinge on how old the female is. With increasing age, the chances of success are less. They are other types of male infertility treatment choices and it is possible to find one which will help you and your partner to conceive. More than one Male Infertility Treatment Many types of male infertility treatment choices are available to you and it is possible for your physician to get more than one male infertility treatment options for you in order to achieve success. It is good to note the various factors that might determine your success and do not be too worried by the general percentages. Be optimistic and go ahead with the male infertility treatment options.